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About Managed-AIS

Managed AIS or M-AIS was formed by a management buyout of the the AIS/AIM arm of Mekon Ltd. By amicable agreement of all parties, the new company Mekon AIS (Scotland) Ltd was formed in January 2006 with Andrew Barrett as Managing Director and Dr Jonathan Ritchie-Calder as the Technical Architect.

A change in the trading name to Managed-AIS came in 2007 with the company now widely known as M-AIS or Managed-AIS. The management buyout was completed in 2011 and the business has now been operating at a profit for 4 years.

M-AIS took over all AIM related product and service contracts from Mekon Ltd and rapidly expanded in the first year to over 10 employees, with the help of the new team we were able to finalize the eAIP product FrameAPS/APSXML and introduce the AIXM management suite as a fully integrated Static Data Management system.

Our focus is to help our clients by investing in the future of AIM, we continuously improve our products and provide innovative solutions to meet the real-world operational and legislative problems that they face.