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Module Descriptions

Dataset Management Module

The dataset management module is used to easily identify the “who, what, why, when and where” of a particular set of data entities.

A dataset is an overall management tool for the selection and identification of data groupings within the database. The Dataset consists of a unique name and metadata that identifies the origins and other related information about the data.

Any entity or group of entities can be joined to one or more Datasets for the purposes of import tracking and export of selective datasets.

Bulk Data Management

The system allows the import and export of standard AIXM. In conjunction with the Dataset module a user can import from external AIXM sources and export AIXM snapshot format by date or specific dataset.

Data can be imported and exported from plans to allow the creation of what if updates to legacy systems.

Group Data Management

This system module allows the user to define and perform ad-hoc group updates of multiple entities. This means that time and effort can be saved when making duplicated changes to attributes on similar entity types.

Planning Data

The Planning module allows users to validate planned changes to data before `going live` providing a valuable space to pre-plan future events. The Tools allow:

  • Creation of user-defined plans and metadata
  • Plan modification
  • Copy of any entity to a plan
  • Activation of planned changes into the main database

Data for entities in a plan are entered into a plan via the standard view/edit/create functions of the HMI.

Extensions of AIXM for Specialist data support

The AIXM data model is fast becoming the standard for AIS data exchange withinEurope and around the world. It provides a much need mechanism for moving and storing aeronautical data in a safe and valid way. Even though the AIXM is extensive it is not entirely complete with regards to specialist domains such as Instrument Procedures Design (PANS-OPS).

With these problems in mind Mekon-AIS have extended the AIXM Snapshot format and allow the import and export of AIXM+ extended datasets for specialist client purposes.

Data Exchange: Legacy Data/System Support

This application is ideal for clients who currently update multiple legacy systems with aeronautical Static Data and wish to use a single source of data.

The system allows users to define graphical mappings between legacy formats and the AIXM Snapshot format; they can then import data to the core system for safe storage and comparison.

AIXM snapshots can then be exported back out from the core AIXM database. Legacy file formats can then be remapped back out from the checked and validated data and exported safely to populate legacy systems.

The system allows the user 100% flexibility in the creation of complex process chains that can include such features as CRC checks, alphanumeric checks, logical sorts and column switching.