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Scope of Database Operations

Data Storage

The system stores all data in a relational database the structure of which is derived from the AIXM (Aeronautical Information Exchange Model) standards published by Eurocontrol. AIXM entities, attributes, domains and relations have been mapped to create the actual database tables, fields and data rules.

Data Integrity

The data integrity verification within the system uses the latest CRC implementation as defined within AIXM. A comparison CRC value is computed for each data transaction that the system performs including data entry, storage and retrieval. In addition the system can compute and store secondary survey CRC values and metadata with the addition of the Dataset Management, Obstacles and Aerodromes Modules.

User Management & Security

All access to user interface, data or tools is controlled according to preset user authorization. System users access the application by entering their user name and password.

Application users and their access rights are managed via the web interface, which allows the creation and the editing of user data, the management of user roles and the assignment of users to roles.

Data Validation

The system ensures that all data that are created, updated or deleted are validated according to the rules specified in the AIXM standard. Types of rules checked include:

   Data Formats
   Intra-table rules and dependencies
   Cross-table rules and inter-dependencies

Modular System Functions

The upgrade modules that are available are:

   Planning Data Module
   Group Data Module
   Dataset Management Module
   Bulk data management Module
   AIS Data Exchange Processor

Web-based Data Management

The latest Version of Mekon-AIS AIXM Database Client Software includes a unique new web-based interface for data entry and data management. The HMI provides safeguards against entering data that is incorrectly formatted, orphan data (with no supporting entities) and data that does not conform to the AIXM rules.

Guided Search

The system employs a unique guided-data-entry system to ensure that static data is entered by the user in a logical manner so that users who are not AIXM Experts can find and edit the entities that they need to quickly and easily.

Built-in help

The focus of the system is that it should be easy to use and offer the user as much help as they need to achieve their goals. Features include:

   Simplified low level menus to ease initial navigation
   XML Tree View Menu for instant access to all AIXM entities
      (Visualise the entity relationships at-a-glance)
   Guided Search provides a logical progression through related
       search fields
   Onscreen tool tips on each attribute means that detailed knowledge
       of the AIXM is not required by users
   AIXM Rules/Notes are provided in pop-up windows on each form
   Full History of edits and timeline view of the data history provides
      tracking for ICAO standards compliance